Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are some of the questions I receive most often about the programs and what they offer.

Why get diet & fitness coaching?

The saying that bodies are made through “80 percent diet and 20 working out” is true! Regardless of your goals your diet is the primary tool that you can use to manipulate your body and look the way you want. My program includes custom diet totals and macro distributions based on your personal body, lifestyle habits and goals. These values are based on science and will help you reach your ideal body far faster than blindly consuming food. With my plans, you maximize your nutrition to give your body the proper fuel to reach your goals. With training plans, you are provided a custom workout regiment that makes it as easy as having a personal trainer for a fraction of the price! You also receive personal advice for any and all questions for the duration of the program. This is what separates my plans from most you find online because I work with you to help you achieve all that you want and provide constant coaching and advice.

Why does my coaching work?

It is proven simple science that your body will change based on the number of calories and the type of calories you consume. Regardless of your goals whether they are to add muscle mass or burn body fat, diet is the most powerful tool you have to expedite results. Training plans give you a strict program to follow that is tailored to you and your desired areas of improvement. This will help you to feel confident in the gym and focus all of your energy into each workout instead of wandering around the gym wondering what to do next. I work with your unique body and lifestyle to generate numbers that will help you achieve the body you want. Every plan is unique to the individual and the constant support offered throughout the program allows for us together to hit your caloric sweet spot and give you the best workouts for producing results. The diet also allows you to eat the foods you love, as long as you stay within your calories and macros you will see improvement!

What support is offered with each program?

With every plan I provide constant support to answer any and all questions relating to fitness and nutrition. There is no such thing as stupid questions so always feel free to ask! It is important to me that all my clients get the support and advice they need to achieve their goals and make the changes they want in their lives. It is my job to make you feel confident in the kitchen and gym to produce the results that will bring you confidence to all other areas of your life. As your coach my main focus is your improvement so I prefer clients view me as a personal improvement coach and not just a trainer. I have experienced the many great benefits that come along with feeling good about yourself and confident in your skin and it is my mission to provide the same for as many people as possible!

What are macronutrients (macros) and why are they important?

When it comes to weight the be all end all is calories. Theoretically if you ran a consistent caloric deficit eating just donuts you would still lose weight. That being said, you would feel terrible and not achieve the physique you would want. Macro nutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins) are the three major sources of fuel for your body. By providing yourself with the right combination of macros with the right number of calories you can strategically manipulate your physique to achieve the body you want. Combining this powerful diet with steady workout and exercise routines is the ultimate way to achieve your goal body in the shortest time possible.

If you still have a question that wasn’t answered send me a message through the contact page!