Benjamin Hayden Leavitt

I have been actively involved in fitness and training for 5+ years. I am a person who lives for self improvement and competition. I’ve been naturally drawn to athletics my whole life with my first passion being football. My desire to be the best at my sport drew me to the gym to train and improve. This is where I began my fitness foundations and through research, self-discovery and guidance from coaches and mentors I discovered how to manipulate my body and elevate performance through training and nutrition. My hard work through my teenage years allowed me the opportunity to play the game I loved at the University level. Unfortunately, like many athletes my career was cut short due to injuries. With football no longer a part of my life but still the desire for self improvement and competition, I devoted my time and effort into fitness and nutrition and want to bring that knowledge to other motivated people to help them get to where they want to be.

Why Should I be Your Coach?

I have learned how to manipulate the body through the combination of training and nutrition to achieve a variety of fitness goals. Whether your goals are to burn fat to feel better in your bathing suit or put on muscle mass for better performance in your sport, I can provide the coaching and motivation to get you there.

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All plans are customized to fit your needs and come with constant support and modifications throughout the program. As your coach I will be there for support and guidance to ensure you feel motivated and informed.

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